Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The George Hotel now has it's own Bebo.
The idea to have a chat room/forum for all the past and present staff (because they change so rapidly) has been thrown about for a while but now it is up and running.
So if you want to have a squizz at some of the crazy people we were/are working with follow the link next door...

Saturday, December 01, 2007


So far our plan back at the George is to stay over Christmas and into the new year. Just when we thought it couldn't get much more like last year we find Marine is pregnant again and that Donald would like us to housesit and look after the cats for sixteen days while he holidays. All eerily familiar...
Construction work is going as strong as ever in the hotel giving Adam the chance to vary his bar shifts with a bit of labour and to get filthy dirty.
Meynah (I think that's how it is spelt) and Hannah, a Kenyan couple who have worked here for some time have finally secured visas for their children to come over and live here. Meynah has been away from home for several years and Hannah has been over for quite a while too while the kids stayed with family back in Kenya. They have attempted to get visas a couple of times and each attempt is 500 pounds per child!! We are all so happy for them and they are both walking about on cloud nine at the moment.
The grounds at the castle are finally recovering after the Connect festival. Plans are well underway for next year's festival and the hotel is fully booked already. Safe to say it was a success.
While we were away there was a landslide on the road into Inveraray cutting the town off for two weeks and completely killing business. Big D got a seaplane to fly in cases of grog as a publicity stunt.
It's raining.