Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Go the Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just nipped out for a short walk

On our last day off we decided to go for a drive through to Glen Coe and then go for a walk. The weather was surprisingly good so we decided to climb a mountain, Stob Coire Nan Lochan to be exact, a mountain amongst the three sisters, 1115 metres almost straight up.
It was a fairly tough walk up to the top and the last 50 or so metres we had to climb up almost vertical cliffs, but it was well worth it as the views were stunning We could see for miles as none of the other peaks around us -with the exception of Ben Nevis (UK's tallest mountain)- were covered with clouds. The wind at the top was very strong and freezing cold, nice though after a 3 hour climb.
On the way down Eva caught a frog and Adam tried to catch a sheep but only Eva was successful. The frog was very slow and stupid, maybe because it was so cold?
We are still astounded here by the amount of water, everywhere water just seems to ooze out of the ground. Makes for a very squelchy time.
Needless to say we have been suffering for the last few days in the leg department but we've got our sights set on the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs (I think that's the right spelling-can't be bothered checking) national park for our next day off.
Photos: Views aplenty, Do we look suitably frozen? Riddip

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What have we been up to?????

Apart from being really slack on the blog you mean?
Well the Saturday after we got home was a Wild West disco across at the town hall resulting in half of the town swearing off tequila for life. Eva lasted an admirable 54 seconds on the mechanical bull.
We then were lucky enough to pick up a car from one of the local fellows. We now have wheels-and freedom!
We caught up with Mum and Dad before they headed home again, we had a couple of really nice dinners in Glasgow and visited New Lanark which was pretty interesting historically and the ride they had was a laugh. We had yet another goodbye but it was so wonderful seeing Mum and Dad after so long.
We have been in the flat on top of the hotel house sitting for Kris and Marine for the last 10 nights which is one reason for not having been on the net as we didn't have a connection up there. This was made up for by the fact we had cable tv so Adam could watch a Geelong-Sydney match at 5 in the morning.
While we were there we received the message we had been waiting for, that Nicole had gone into labour. Did it seem to take for ages on your side of the world as well? We bet it did. Congratulations guys!!! We can't wait to meet Lucy and to see you all again.
For our wedding anniversary we decided to go on a road trip up to the Isle of Skye which was amazing. The weather was perfect (it has been raining and cold every other day) and we saw some great scenery driving along single track roads dodging sheep, it seemed similar to how Mum and Dad Y described parts of Ireland. It is great we now have the freedom to get around this country we have been living in for 8 months. On the way home we headed through Glen Coe which was magic as well, we have decided to return there to do some hiking. We took a wrong turn at one point and almost ended up on the east coast which made us realise how small this country is. Since we've had the car we've done something like 1300 miles!
We even got an anniversary gift of two lobsters from Donald which was really nice and really tasty, this place rocks.
That's pretty much it for now, we are in the process of tightening our belts and planning our next trip once we lave this place in September.
Photos: 1 & 2 Glen Coe in the highlands, A mountain in Skye with peat stacks in the foreground, Dunvegan castle grounds-blue sky!, Our new car with Eva hiding inside, New Lanark, Deanne riding high, Giddy up!

Pula and then home again

Getting to Pula from Plitvice took a good part of a day so we rang ahead for a place to stay. Well, Gabrielle called ahead which was pretty funny as there were a few language difficulties. The lady we stayed with was kinda crazy and seemed to love us, continually talking to us in Croatian.

Pula had a bunch of Roman ruins spread throughout the city including a very impressive amphitheatre and some seriously ankle twisting flagstones. We spent the last two nights just chilling out (like we hadn't been already) before heading home.

Croatia was great to travel through for quite a few reasons. Apart from being a beautiful place it was also very easy to navigate as English was so widespread and the country is set up for the tourist, which makes sense as it is their major industry. Even little things like being able to drink the tap water was great.

We jetted back to Dublin with Mum and Dad and parted ways with them for the next couple of weeks as they did a bit of travel themselves. Our flight back to Glasgow was delayed so we didn't get in til quite late. Fancy sitting in an airport for 6 hours waiting for a 40 minute flight!?!
Photo: The Pula amphitheatre