Monday, January 21, 2008

Since then

Since the furore of the holiday season things have calmed down a bit. We have moved back into our room from Donald's. It is strange how much of a relief it was to come back- we've managed to make this room feel quite homey.
All the men went for a day of go-karting which Adam didn't lose this year, yay! The lasses then decided they wanted a day of fun, some suggestions being: Extreme ironing, Doctor's and Nurses with the Cheffies, Cross-stitchathon etc etc. Last time we put a notice up for anything in the kitchen!
We ended up taking the bus to Xtreme, a leisure type mall thing where we went minigolfing, all you can eat Chinese buffeting and finally bowling. Eva won the minigolf and the bowling but it was hard to determine the winner at the buffet.
On the news front Matt (the Aussie hitched to a local girl) is expecting child number two and Lucasz and Kasia (the Polish couple who got married last year) have also just announced they are having a baby- and she told us she stopped drinking coffee for her blood pressure!
We have gained a new set of neighbours, Mark and Skye, an Aussie couple fresh from a few months travelling around South America, the Aussies are on the up again!
On Mark and Skye's first day in town we had a really good snowfall. It was very, very exciting as it actually lay on the ground and wasn't just slush which was about as good as it got last year. We were still staying up at Donald's place so at the end of the night as four of us walked up the road we had a really dedicated snowfight. It was some of the best fun we had had in ages. A bunch of the guys decided to make a snow man and then bring him into the pub on a tray. Needless to say he didn't last long in between being hacked to death and sitting in front of the fire.
We have now entered a very quiet patch and everyone is taking the time to unwind a bit and think about holidays. Monday is Colin's 42nd birthday though and after last year we imagine it will be quite a night.
Sorry we have been awful and not been keeping in touch. It was very bad of us and we feel pretty rotten. As D:ream would say 'things can only get better'.
Photos: The Slovakian women's fishing club minigolf day out, Eva lining up a winning shot


At 11:45 PM, Blogger Lee said...

Yay! They're alive!! :D Good to see you're still having fun up there in the cold. Things are warming up down here for me and Paul - 41 days to go til liftoff!

And by the way, yes we have been worried about you and your non-contact.. :p

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Nicole S said...

Gee, you'd think you guys have a life or something ...

Glad to read you again, and glad you survived the silly season :)

At 12:07 PM, Blogger steve and sue said...

Woot! they are back!


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