Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas at the George

Well, it is't Christmas yet but there are a few clues left laying around the place suggesting it may be very soon.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Say you, Say me.

Damn Lionel Richie...Have had this song stuck in my head for a couple of days now. Well, we have well and truly settled down here in Inveraray. It has been a big week in town as our local supermarket has changed owners, wow!!
At the moment we are housesitting just up the road from the hotel, in a lovely two storey place right on the loch, we are also baby sitting two big fat cats (I love cats...not) and one of these cats likes to jump up and sit on laps and also drink out of the tap when you are brushing your teeth, crazy, zany animals those cats. The house is lovely with open fires and best of all it has digital TV so we get to watch the cricket, although it means that there is not all that much sleep to be had at the moment. It also means we have a 5 minute walk to work whch would be fine in Summer but we keep getting awfully wet!
It has not stopped raining since we have arrived and everyone is saying that it is the wettest and mildest start to winter that they can remember, we have never seen so much rain in all our lives. It is meant to be clearing up this weekend and into next week and possibly snowing, so we might actually have a white Christmas. Work has started getting fairly busy in the lead up to Christmas so it is all go here. We have not decided yet what we are going to do on Christmas day as the pub and hotel will be closed. The owners are thinking about cooking up a few geese, pheasants and a whole heap of other food and organizing a feast for all, then one of the staff are organising a party back at their house, sounds pretty good. It sounds like it will be a fairly big day.
Time is going so quickly here, we send a bunch of emails and the next day it's been a week and a half! I think there might be some sort of time Bermuda Triangle operating over Inveraray. That's our excuse for slackening up a bit anyway.
We should have a big old Christmas update for you next. It still hasn't sunk in that Christmas is almost here even though we did spend most of Saturday night cleaning up the remains of Crackers and colecting the great jokes held within, Q: Why don't ducks tell jokes when they're flying? A: Because they would quack up.