Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You will never walk alone....

I used to love snow, but know I am not too sure. We left bright and early on Monday morning, well at 10 o'clock anyway. This allowed us over 3 hours to get to the airport, which should have been plenty of time as Prestwick is only an hour and a half away. Everything was going well, a fair bit of snow was falling but nothing too dramatic until we turned onto the M77, 30 miles from the airport. A news report come over the radio announcing that a blizzard had hit a few miles up the road and as we got closer to the junctions that it had hit we come across a huge traffic jam, not an unusual site on Scotland's motorways. The road had frozen up totally lorries were sliding all over the place and Iain also had trouble getting and grip as we crawled along. We hadn't moved for 40 minutes so we decided the best option was to get off the motorway and try an alternate route, so did everyone else. Eventually we made it to the airport just in time to see our plane fly off to sunny Barcelona. Fortunately during our drive Kris had been liaising with Marine back at the hotel that if on the off chance we did miss our flights could we get another one. We did..at 6:30 the next morning check in would be at 5:30 ouch! We decide to get a hotel room in nearby Irvine not the most exciting place in the world but at least we had a bed for the night. We made the flight the next morning and arrived in Barcelona in good time. Sunshine. We Set our stuff down in our apartment and headed of to catch up with a few other people the boys have met on previous football trips. We went out to an amazing little bar for lunch a meal that consisted of massive legs of lamb just put down on the table, absolutely stunning it was a lot of meat and a lot of drink. Then started the football songs 20 people all singing songs from the Celtic club song to many other songs including their adopted song "You will never walk alone" enough to make your hairs stand on end. During this Kris had been madly phoning around trying to organise some tickets for the game as the asking price was 150€ a wee bit more than we wanted to pay, but to no avail. We did try. A little despondent we decided we would have to watch the game in a bar somewhere, disappointed because this was the reason for the trip. The rest of the guys went to the game and we headed to a little bar to soak up the atmosphere. We drank and sang into the wee hours of the night. The next day we awoke surprised that we had made it back to the apartment as Barcelona can be a bit confusing as it is set up in grids and all the streets look very similar. Yay to us. By the time we woke up Gavin and Iain had already left to see the sights a Barcelona and find some food. Kris, Matt and I wandered around and we wandered into The Cava bar, a little bar down by the harbour an astounding place, small but packed full of people the most amazing thing was the price of the Cava 2.50€ a 750 ml bottle, the only catch was you had to order two freshly made rolls with it, it was a Champagne(Cava) breakfast. We then wandered over to Barcelonetta where we caught up with the guys from last night and enjoyed some more wonderful food and cervesa. Feeling quite well bevvied we decided to stroll on in to the centre again and look for a nice place for some Tapas before dinner. We hit a couple more bars and ate and drank an ate well into the night. On our final day we decided to hire a car and head out to a town on the coast called Roses to do some go-karting a catch up with Big D for lunch, unfortunately the go-karting track was closed. We had lunch at a beautiful resturant that served a few week old suckling piglet and lamb cooked in wood fired ovens. Beautiful and tender, so tender in fact that our waiter cut up the piglet with the side of a plate. Then back to the airport and back to Glasgow. When we arrived back to Inveraray it was raining again.
Oh and the score was Barcelona 1, Celtic 0


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Nana Gabe said...

Well thanks for the update. Sounds like that was right up your alley. Lots of cerveza and lots of meat. Next time take Eva. Was Barcelona pretty? Julie ,Lee and Paul are travelling there in a couple of months time. No bull? ...or should I say no bulls in your description.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Adam and Eva said...

After hearing all the stories I'm not so sure I wanted to go any more..
xx Eva


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