Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And he's off

So Adam, Kris, Matt, Gavin and Ian are away to Barcelona on a football trip and Eva is sitting in Inveraray wishing she had been born with another set of equipment and trying to find foundation that can cover green skin.
Not that the trip has been stress free, they missed their flight yesterday and had to reschedule for 5:30 this morning and they are yet to get tickets for the Celtic-Barcelona match on tonight that was the whole reason (excuse?) for the trip in the first place.
I'm sure we'll get to hear all about it on Thursday upon their return, and if the continuing commentary on the past ten years' football trips is anything to go by we'll be listening to anecdotes (teeth clenched) for an unspecified amount of time onwards.
Sigh, I can't be bitter. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for a package of Tapas, sunshine, time off or at least an airport shop present when they get back.


At 5:40 AM, Blogger Nana Gabe said...

did he make it back safely?


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