Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree Huggers

Something we are having more and more trouble with over here is the litter. Not just a little bit but excessive amounts. So the rubbish man didn't come this morning, take your bin to the side of the river to empty it. So you had a picnic and are too full to pack up, just walk away! On the train and just leaving your empty drink bottle under the seat isn't goods enough, see how far you can throw it!!!!!!!!!!
What is awful is the totally unnecessary nature of littering. Romania has an awful industrial record. One town we visited had an aluminum plant and carbon factory based there in the Eighties and two thirds of the children showed sign of mental illness at that time. When we went through the abandoned factories are still standing and are pitch black, along with the surrounding houses. Apparently they saw white snow for the first time in a long time not long ago. There was also the gold mine disaster several years ago which resulted in cyanide being released into the drinking water of thousands of people, to the Danube and through to the Black Sea (an Australian company was the major shareholder in the mine).
These disasters are awful but we find it easier to understand how companies and industries pollute than we understand how people just have no care for their immediate surroundings. It is hard to describe the scale of it really but we are both disgusted at times by the piles and piles we come across.
We are VERY lucky in Australia.


At 12:58 AM, Blogger Nana Gabe said...

We were just commenting today on exactly the same subject.We were walking along a lake in a park in Granada after a weekend where they obviously had picnics we could not believe the foam trays and plastic coke bottles and the lake is too polluted to swim in in that area because every bit of sewerage in the city flows into the lake and yet they care so much about their own home.Yes thank God for our laws and regulations


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