Monday, September 25, 2006


We spent two days in Sibiu wandering around the old town with little windy roads, stairways up between buildings and town walls which were still partially standing. It was very pretty but there was one thing interupting our enjoyment (and I'm sure the local's enjoyment) and that was roadworks.
Roadworks, Roadworks, Roadworks. Almost every road was in the process of being dug up. That is without any exaggeration either. If you weren't on a road with roadworks on it you could at least see roadworks at either end. The thing which amazed us was the fact that you were free to walk through what was essentially a city wide construction zone, dodging massive 6 ft deep holes and traipsing through mud and freshly laid concrete. Not so amazing really when you consider that if you weren't able to cross these zones you would end up in some type of house arrest.
We found out that the reason for the rush on roadworks was 'Sibiu 2007', an event which selected Sibiu as 'the centre of culture' for 2007. It is a Europe wide event so they obviously were putting the polish on quicksmart. Somehow we doubt they'll be finished in time but at least everything will be covered in snow for the first couple of months.
We made a trip out to Sibiu's open air ethnographic museum which was a huge complex containing full villiage set ups including wells, windmills, workshops, houses churches-everything. Eva was running around looking at everything but it took a dose of food for Adam to see the light and enjoy himself. Or it might have had something to do with watching a bunch of fishermen pull a few carp in and us seeing loads of frogs the size of our palms launching themselves into the water as we walked along the banks of the lake, way more fun than looking at a bunch of old houses.
We left Sibiu for Sighisoara but not before we climbed throught our last pile of roadworks outside the train station. Oh the memories.
Photos: Some Roma in Sibiu


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