Friday, September 08, 2006

Well at least it has a roof..

We promised a bit of a rundown on some of the Soviet Era hotels we have been staying in so here it is.
Our Lonely Planet guide book states that 'Ukrainian hotels are either stinkingly expensive or just plain stinking' We of course are on a budget soooo
The reception and breakfast staff are brusque and you almost think they are having you on with the attitude you get from them.
The hot water exists but you have to time your showers with the one hour in the morning and the one hour at night for which it is turned on. Some let you know what time the heat is on and others leave it up to your detective skills. Turning the tap on every half hour from 6am seems to work.
The beds and bathrooms (if you are not sharing one) are not too bad if you don't scratch the surface, and hey they have a roof.


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